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Main Zone is committed to ensuring all employees adhere to the safety rules and regulations in the work place of our clients at all times. The health and safety of our employees are of our top priority. To achieve the target of the hSE policies, the management complies with the set applicable safety rules and regulations and requirements.

Main Zone :
. Protects the safety of all employees, clients, subcontractors and visitors and assets from damage.
. Maintains a healthy working environment.
. Ensures tools and equipment are safely kept and in good conditions and are safe to use.
. Encourages all employees to take part in the Health Safety Programmes.
. Promotes awareness of better health, safety and environment care.
. Manages and supervises staff/workers on their daily routines and work practices.
. Applies and practices the ‘Toyota Lean Management and 5S’ concept in our business model and setting. these 5 principles starts with the letter ‘S’ 
 – SORT (Seiri), SYSTEMATISE (Seiton), SHINE (Seiso), STANDARDISED (Seiketsu) and SUSTAIN (Shitsuke)