Particles And Gases

Particles and gases floating in the air, they can never be entirely eliminated. All particles are harmful to humans. Viruses and bacteria also inhibit the air we breathe in. The major health hazard is the fibers come from the ventilation systems: Noise Insulation Materials and Thermal Insulation Materials, such materials or particles mainly cause the irritation of the eyes and sneezing. Some smaller particles may penetrate deep into the respiratory organs to cause a strong negative impact on health such as lung cancer.

Normally, the Dust and Particles enter the building through the ventilation system due to :

  1. Insufficient filtering of the incoming air (Fresh Air) penetrate into the buildings’ indoor air
  1. Noise Insulation Materials and Thermal Insulation Materials (Fibres) spread through ventilation equipment and ducts into the buildings’ indoor air

The impurities collected in un-cleaned ventilation ducts and poorly maintained air conditioning equipment spread into the buildings’ indoor air

Ventilation, Filtering, and Cleaning

Ventilation is basically a simple process. The indoor air of a building is taken out and replaced with fresh outdoor air. In mechanical ventilation, the removal of the indoor air is done with the help Air Handling Unit (AHU) and the AHU also help to bring outdoor air inside. Ventilation dilutes and removes impurities from the air by filtering.

In a Humid and Warm country like Malaysia cooling is always very demanding. The High Humidity and Warm climate always cause problems for the ventilation system ( AHU and Duct ). Condensation always occurs and the moisture condition causes microbial growth. If untreated, it always causes diseases and symptoms. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the ventilation system clean. Accumulation of dust and other substances in the ventilation duct must be removed in order to improve the indoor air quality.

Bad indoor air is not merely a health problem disturbing individuals but it is also a major expense to the country. Inversely, good indoor air is not merely allowed people to live healthily but also increases the productivity of the country.