Main Zone is a professional company established into a significant force in the H.V.A.C industry, specializes in Indoor Air Quality System, Cooling System, and Ventilation division, covering both in the commercial and industrial sectors. The company is known for its innovation and excellence within the industry and every aspect of the products and service delivery process.


Main Zone Offer various kind of high quality services for our customers



  1. ACMV system
  2. Air Duct Cleaning by Robotic System
  3. Kitchen Duct Cleaning
  4. Duct sanitizing and Decontamination Services
  5. Indoor Air Quality Inspections.
  6. Steam Cleaning
  7. Consultant and Solution Provider
  8. Medical pendants
  9. CSSD Medical equipment
  10. Medical Gas Pipeline System
  11. Bed Head Panel


Main Zone offers various kind of high-quality products to our customer and ensures each of the products is fulfilled the quality management requirement.


  1. Cooling System
  2. Robotic duct cleaning
  3. Cooling Water Treatment System
  4. Air Filter
  5. Indoor Air Quality system
  6. SLA UPS Battery
  7. Hydraulic jack
  8. Pharmaceutical technology
  9. Medical Air supply equipment
  10. Medical pendants and panels
  11. Autoclave
  12. Sterilizer


We will never stop research and invent a new technology or product to benefit the world.



  1. Wireless Robot
  2. Room Pressure conditioner for Critical area
  3. Robotic system
  4. ioT Internet of things
  5. Building automation system
  6. Solid & Liquid Separator

Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System (ACMV) is a cooling system designed for a proper indoor air cooling and ventilation system. ACMV could be a specifically customized air conditioning system installed in any industrial, commercial or household setup. The ACMV system is responsible for controlling the CFM amount of cool air into a specific venue reaching the required point as designed. This temperature regulation also includes other factors that may affect the quality of fresh air in an area like balanced distribution of oxygen, a proper level of air humidity as well as the elimination of foul odors, high thermic environment, air impurities, excess carbon dioxide and other floating bacteria that may exist in high humid surroundings.


Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Hospital Sg Buloh

Hospital Serdang

Hospital Selayang

Aeon Big

Sasana Kijang (Bank Negara)

Hospital Ampang

Institute Jantung Negara

Wisma Selangor Dredging


Petronas Gas Kerteh


Hospital Putrajaya

Jabatan Kimia Malaysia

Hospital Sg Buloh

UiTM Jalan Othmas PJ Kampus

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Hospital Ampang

Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur





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